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Deree undergraduate students have the life-changing opportunity to study abroad and intern through the Coca-Cola Internship Program at an international location while receiving a bursary towards their travel and living expenses. All Deree students who wish to participate in the Coca-Cola Internship Program must do so through the Office of Career Services, who will serve as the primary liaison providing support and guidance to help students prepare applications, acquire visas, arrange Coca-Cola internship interviews, orient to an international internship and any other assistance as needed.

Following are the key steps for students applying for the Coca-Cola Internship Program.

Check your eligibility before applying (show)

We’ve made the Coca-Cola Internship application process straightforward for our Greek and international Deree undergraduate students!

It is advisable that you start the process no later than 1 month before the deadline. Your completed application has to be submitted to the Office of Career Services by the stated deadline for you to be considered for this program.

Visit the offices of Career Services and Study Abroad at the Student Life Center.

If eligible, complete the Online Application (show)

If you are eligible, start your application process and follow our tips, all found here. It is suggested you also e-mail the Office of Career Services, so as to inform them of your desire to apply. Coca-Cola will then ascertain if, based on your application package, you are eligible for an interview. You will be informed of your acceptance and the location of the internship following the interview process.

Prepare for the Interview (show)

Contact the Office of Career Services to get tips on analyzing the job and making sure the hiring manager knows why you’re a good match, researching the company, practice interviewing, what to wear and what to bring to the interview, how to impress during the interview, and how to follow up.

Obtain your passport (show)

If you don’t already have one, you need to obtain a passport: For internships/study aborad outside the EU you need a valid passport. For internships/study aborad in the EU you either need a valid passport or a Greek ID in English.

Greek students should visit the Hellenic National Passport Center website for more information about obtaining a passport:

International students must already have a valid passport to study at Deree.

Apply for a student/internship visa (show)

Depending on your nationality, chances are you will need to apply for a student/internship visa. If you are studying abroad you will be doing this with the help of your host university. In the case where you will be doing just the internship, you will be working with Coca-Cola closely to have this issued. Come by the Office of Career Services as soon as you know whether you have been selected for the Program and we will help you with your visa options. You should start the visa process at about 3 months prior to the semester you are planning to enroll or intern.

Purchase Health Coverage (show)

A basic Coca-Cola Internship Program requirement is to have International Health Insurance (IHI). You can either extend your family insurance plan or decide to purchase individual insurance, be it private or public health coverage. Be sure to look into this early on as it can take a few months to settle this requirement. here is a link to some suggestions about purchasing IHI.

Don’t forget before you go (show)

Come by our office and pick up a Pre-departure Guide with all sorts of tips and useful information about living in a foreign country for the first time, as well as to inform us of your departure details. There will also be a mandatory internship training session right before your internship commences, organized by the Office of Career Services.

For Study Abroad only:

Choose where you want to study abroad (show)

Deree has formed partnerships with several universities abroad, so that we can offer you a very reasonable cost for study abroad tuition. If selected as an intern, Coca-Cola will provide a contributing bursary towards living and travel expenses during your study abroad experience; it will be your responsibility to pay the Outbound Study Abroad Fee. Selected students may choose a study abroad destination from our growing list of exchange partners.

For more information on each partner university, please visit the Study Abroad Office.

Complete the application process for your study abroad destination (show)

Once you decide on a study abroad destination, the Study Abroad Office will supply you with the application information you need to apply.  Be sure to be aware of host application deadlines, as they are much earlier in other countries than at Deree.

Obtain course approval (show)

In order to ensure that your study abroad courses will transfer back to Deree, you must work with the Advising Office for course approval. You should have course descriptions of possible course choices. We advise you to choose at least two to three courses beyond the number of courses you intend to take, since some courses may be closed or cancelled.

Complete all housing and other forms (show)

The university to which you are applying will likely have a housing application/form and other forms that you will need to complete. The Study Abroad Office will provide you with specific forms for your school of choice and assist you along the way.

Pre-register for courses (show)

If approved, your courses will count towards your degree at Deree. Once pre-registration is open at the university to which you have been accepted, you should register for your courses. We advise you to register early as courses may fill up quickly.

Pay your study abroad tuition fee to Deree (show)

You will pay a reasonable study abroad tuition fee to Deree, and your tuition billing at the host university will be taken care of by Deree. If you have one, your Deree grant/scholarship will apply toward your study abroad tuition fee.  Coca-Cola offers a bursary towards host university travel and living expenses for selected interns.

Don’t forget to come say goodbye to us before you leave!

All the best and we will be waiting to hear all about it when you return!