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Insights into Urban Solutions for Climate Resilience at the Energy Security and Green Growth Conference

Dr. Stella Apostolaki, Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Center of Excellence in Sustainability (CoES), ACG, participated as a speaker in the three-day conference on “Energy Security and Green Growth,” organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MEE-Y.P.EN.) in Athens, November 27-29, 2023. Dr. Apostolaki shared views and experiences in a panel discussion on ‘Sustainable urban solutions aiming at climate change mitigation and adaptation, focusing on the city of Lavrion,’ that took place on November 29.

The Conference was organized in the framework of the “Communication action plan of the MEE-Y.P.EN.” project and is part of the implementation of actions to inform and raise awareness among citizens regarding the Ministry’s environmental and energy policy. The project is co-financed by the European Union and from NSRF 2014-2020 funds, through the: “Transport Infrastructures, Environment and Sustainable Development” Operational Program.

The main objective of the Conference was to contribute to the promotion of the perspectives of energy security and green growth at the national and European levels.

The Conference program was based on the development of themes that contribute to the goal of the country’s growth planning and sustainability:

  • Growth that must respect the country’s natural resources, rich biodiversity and forest ecosystems, taking into account the predictions of the climate change impact at the national and global level.
  • Energy transition with the drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with the strengthening of the competitiveness of Greek businesses and the parallel protection of consumers.
  • Organization of human activities with the rational distribution, structure and development of natural resources and economic, social, cultural and demographic data.
  • Integrated waste management, always following the imperatives of circular economy.
  • Upgrading of the electronic data and information registration system and the facilitation of public access to environmental information.

At the three-day Conference, internationally renowned scientists, specialized experts, and specialists in the field of energy security and green growth, academics, representatives of the business sector, the State and other public authorities, as well as representatives of environmental and social bodies, are going to participate as speakers.