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ACG featured as a top performer in AASHE’s 2022 Sustainable Campus Index for the 7th time!

The American College of Greece (ACG) proudly announces its recognition as a top performer for its sustainability best practices in the 2022 Sustainable Campus Index (SCI) of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) for the seventh successive year.

The Sustainable Campus Index highlights innovative and impactful initiatives from colleges and universities that submitted a Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) report in the most recent calendar year. ACG’s performance in this year’s SCI is based on the STARS report submitted in 2022 by the Office of Public Affairs when the College achieved its landmark STARS Gold Rating.

“Congratulations to The American College of Greece for their incredible work in creating a more sustainable world,” said AASHE’s Executive Director Meghan Fay Zahniser. “Upon reading this report’s innovative and high-impact sustainability initiatives, I’m encouraged that the future we all need will soon be realized.”

This year, ACG attained top performer status in the following categories: (i) Grounds and (ii) Purchasing, being one of the only two institutions outside the US, Canada, and Australia to be included. Not only that, but ACG attained overall top performer status in the following new category: (iii) master’s institutions being the only one in Europe. But most importantly, ACG was recognized as a top international performer with top score performance.

ACG is home to a beautiful, welcoming, nature-rich 64-acre main campus in Athens, Greece. ACG specializes in sustainable land management and landscaping to protect campus biodiversity. Our revised purchasing policy reflects a clear commitment to choosing environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and services, supporting providers that also manifest a hands-on commitment to sustainability. This goes hand in hand with the close collaboration with the on-campus catering providers, who have always supported our sustainability efforts.

“At ACG, we respect all forms of life and we implement best sustainability practices to protect our people, partners and our natural habitat. So, it is really motivating for moving forward the recognition as top performers in AASHE’s sustainable campus index”, states Ms. Rania Assariotaki, ACG Senior Sustainability Manager, Public Affairs.