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The Future is on air. Don’t miss Deree’s brand-new campaign!

The Future is finally here! Deree’s new communication campaign, themed “The Future”, goes on air on Thursday, July 12, with a brand-new film featuring some of our incredible students, state-of-the-art facilities, the innovative academic programs and – naturally – the future itself!

Far from an abstract notion, the future at Deree is tangible. It can be foreseen, shaped and conquered through the academic, creative and athletic efforts and endeavors of students and professors; it can be mastered through the various opportunities and experiences uniquely offered at Deree, eventually leading students to create their future selves and to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

“Create your future self”

Take a glance into our TVC Spot now!

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Discover Deree Day: A taste of college life for prospective Deree students!

On Thursday, July 5, more than 195 prospective students and their parents joined us for the greatest Discover Deree Day of the year!

Young people and their families explored everything Deree has to offer and took guided tours around campus on a beautiful summer morning.

The event continued with an information session delivered by Vice President of Enrollment and Administration, Dr. Dimitris Andreou, to a full-house at the Upper Level Library. Visitors discovered what makes Deree an excellent educational choice and the unique opportunities that are available to all students including academic and athletic scholarships, customized career counseling, a vigorous student life and much more. Dr. Andreou welcomed on stage two Deree alumni to share their personal college experiences with the audience.

Prospective students had the opportunity to attend a class of their choosing and experience firsthand Deree’s academic excellence.

A meeting between faculty members and visitors followed at the Student Lounge, where guests and professors discussed about Deree’s 26 innovative majors, study abroad possibilities, international internship opportunities and much more.

Discover Deree Day concluded with a networking event for visitors and members of the Deree community over snacks and refreshments.

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Deree Commencement 2018: Congratulations Graduates!

“You are going to live in a world that is changing, I dare to say exponentially with time, something that is really a first, or to be more precise, has to occur since the very first moments of the Big Bang! Talent, useful knowledge, and ‘know how’ are unavoidable ‘musts’ for a successful and happy life…” – Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, Distinguished Professor of Physics, 2018 Honorary Degree recipient

The evening of Saturday June 30, 2018 was a special occasion for the entire ACG community. The most anticipated event of the year, Deree Commencement, faithful to its annual tradition, concluded with great success! Members of the ACG community, distinguished guests, friends, and family members gathered at the ACG Stadium and proudly witnessed hundreds of graduates walk down the platform and receive their well-deserved bachelor’s and master’s degrees. More than 380 undergraduate and graduate students, from 28 countries around the globe, were applauded for their years of hard work, perseverance, determination and outstanding performance that led them to this pivotal event and the most important day in college life, Graduation Day!

The ACG mentality encourages students to inspire others, reach for their aspirations and teaches them to always give back to the community. It was only a few days ago that more than 110 distinguished members of the Deree student body, including many graduates of the Class 2018, were rewarded for their efforts and achievements inside and outside the classrooms. The Deree Student Awards Ceremony 2018 recognized the efforts of individuals who excelled academically and athletically as well as showcased impressive leadership skills and got vigorously involved in student life, clubs, organizations and programs of the College.

President David G. Horner gave the opening remarks and welcomed the audience and the Class of 2018 to the greatest Ceremony of the year:

“The Deree graduates we focus on this evening have worked hard and richly deserve the recognition we will bestow upon them. They are ready to navigate the challenges of a global economy and to be constructive agents of social change. Their future success will be built on the preparation they have received at The American College of Greece as well as on the loving investments of family, friends, teachers and others who have encouraged and sustained them.”

The President concluded his speech with the introduction of the Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States Embassy in Greece, Kate Marie Byrnes. Ms. Byrnes greeted the audience on behalf of the people of the United States and went on to express her gratitude and appreciation at being present in this celebration.

“You represent the best of what Greece has to offer” noted Ms. Byrnes praising the students for their “resilience, youthful vitality, entrepreneurial spirit, and ingenuity. I believe that the skills and analytical abilities you have developed at Deree have prepared you well to help shape a new future” she added and expressed the hope and certainty that the people she has met at Deree, including refugee students, are eager to make a difference and to contribute to the shaping of a prosperous society that respects and embraces diversity. Addressing the Greek students about the future of Greece, DCM Byrnes reminded them that it is they who will “help build a new, more competitive and outward-looking Greek economy that is able to thrive economically and exploit its natural advantages in the fields ranging from energy to tourism and agriculture.”

This year’s Commencement Address was delivered by the 2018 Honorary Degree recipient, Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, Distinguished Professor of Physics and holder of the Mitchell/Heep Chair in High Energy Physics at Texas A&M University, head of the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) Astroparticle Physics Group, and a fellow and chair of Theoretical Physics, Academy of Athens in Greece. He works in unified string theories, fundamentals of quantum theory, astroparticle physics and quantum-inspired models of brain function. He has written over 680 original publications and is the recipient of many important awards and recognitions including “Onassis International Prize” and “Enrico Fermi Prize.”

Dr. Nanopoulos delivered an inspirational speech on the future, the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is currently underway, and on the inner potential that our fresh graduates must unleash to adapt to, and keep abreast of, the breakneck pace of technology and the fusion of the digital, physical and biological worlds.

“Lust for life, hard work, wild imagination, sense of risk, limitless appetite for learning, discipline, focusing or as we say in the USA, ‘keep your eye on the ball and your ears to the ground’ are today’s desiderata” said Professor Nanopoulos highlighting the ingredients for successful living and urging the young among the audience to prove themselves and seize the moment.

The Ceremony continued with magna cum laude student, Ms. Tsungirirai Dawn Madume who delivered the Student Address 2018.

“Well, Fellow Graduates, we made it!” said an emotional Madume alluding to the small, meticulous, consistent decisions and actions that led to this milestone day.

I am often asked why I chose Greece; the answer is I chose Deree. Regardless of your major here at Deree, we can debate in world championships; or play volleyball in the country’s top divisions. Perhaps even study abroad at Stanford in the summer or have a chance to meet world leaders like President Barack Obama, Commissioner Declan Costello through various college events. Giving back through ACG Cares or taking a weekend away for community service with our peers. It is more than just academia; the experiences engrain essential values of integrity and grit that prepare us for the journey ahead” said Tsungirirai and went on to thank all the forces – professors, counselors, peer tutors, parents, friends, and cleaners – who made possible this wonderful life journey for her and her fellow graduates.

Concluding her Address, Ms. Madume urged her peers to fuel their ambitions with gratitude and to dare to dream big.

The magnificent celebration proceeded with moments of excitement, praise and triumph, while each individual graduate was called upon the stage for the Conferral of their degree of Master of Science, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts.

President Horner gave his closing remarks and offered Charges to the graduates.

Graduates of 2018, we are proud of your accomplishments; we are the better for our association with you as colleagues in learning, and we send you forth in confidence to share the gifts that you, uniquely, can offer!” said President Horner presenting to the audience the newest members of the 54,000-strong ACG alumni community! The stadium filled with enthusiasm while the night sky lit up with bright and colorful fireworks to end a Ceremony that graduates, peers and supporters will forever cherish.

Congratulations Class of 2018 and best of luck to the journey that lies ahead!

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Student Awards Ceremony 2018: Celebrating Student Excellence

Thursday, June 28, was a proud occasion for the entire ACG community, as staff, faculty, students, and their families, gathered together at the Pierce Theater to honor the impressive achievements of 119 Deree students who distinguished themselves in their academic career and student life.

The Ceremony opened with President David G. Horner and Rashid Ghalli, one of Deree’s “Education Unites: From Camp to Campus” students, reciting jointly some powerful lines from the famous poem “Ithaka” by C. P. Cavafy and inspiring those in the audience to “hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery”, to savor the journey ahead of them, and to not shy away from the challenges that may come their way.

“The meaning of the Deree Student Awards is found in our College’s mission and vision: to add distinctive and sustainable value to our students and to Greece, the American education, the Hellenic heritage, and the global community through transformative teaching, scholarship and service. Our awards are infused with these values and take the measure of student accomplishment” said in her warm welcoming remarks Dean of Students, Dr. Matilda Chatzipanagiotou and praised the students for their achievements, “exceptional performance and ethos.”

During the special event, our students were honored with awards in 24 categories including the Outstanding Graduating Student, Parallel Studies, Internship Achievement, Education Unites, Inspirational Spirit, and Athletics awards.

President David G. Horner presented the awards of College Life Leadership and Deree Spirit during the Ceremony and other distinguished members of the ACG Community presented the rest of the awards.

All award recipients and nominees were congratulated and applauded for their admirable distinctions in athletics, student life, scholarships, parallel studies, the arts as well as their excellent demonstration of leadership, sportsmanship, inspiration and diligence.

Congratulations to all nominated and awarded students! To find out more about each award, recipient and nominee see the list here.

Stay tuned for our greatest event of the year, Deree Commencement 2018!

More than 380 undergraduate and graduate students will be joining an alumni community of more than 54,000 members!

(The Deree Commencement will take place this Saturday, June 30 at 20:30 and will be streamed live on our Deree Facebook and Instagram accounts.)

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World Environment Day at Deree!

Deree celebrated yet another World Environment Day at its premises on June 12 with a series of fun, interactive, educational activities! This year, the Environmental Studies (ES) Society with the support of the Center of Excellence for Sustainability – Office of Public Affairs, put together a variety of activities, including a treasure hunt game and a very creative board game.

In the treasure hunt game, small groups of students were asked to find areas and classrooms with a sustainability component. The top three groups received a gift based on their time performance and the clues they discovered! The ECOquiz board game, an ES Society creation, drew many people’s attention as students, faculty, and staff were eager to test their knowledge on sustainability-related issues. According to Vice President of the Environmental Studies Society, Philip Duzdabanian, “the treasure hunt resonated with peoples’ curiosity and their inner detective instincts and the board game drew much attention as bystanders watched the participants play. Overall, all those who participated had a great time all the while learning and becoming more aware of the consequences or implications of our current wasteful lifestyles and how everything is being affected by plastic pollution.”

The event also included a presentation on the connection and effect that poverty has on the environment and vice versa. Lastly, participants had the opportunity to discover both their ecological and water footprints and see how many planet resources they are currently using. This was an eye-opener for many! Those who had the lowest footprints won a sustainable gift (reusable straw, thermos). Many participants saw this as an opportunity to take the ACG Sustainability Pledge and commit to daily individual actions for a more sustainable lifestyle!

President of the Environmental Studies Society, Pinelopi Savvidou said: “We attracted many participants and I think we communicated the importance of our environment and the basic principles of sustainability to all of them. My hope is to organize many similar events in order to raise greater awareness for the human impact on the environment in the near future!”

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Rallakis Christos, June 18-24, 2018

Men’s JV Basketball

Christos scored 20 points and played excellent defense on the opponents top player, contributing greatly to our team’s 73-66 win against TOXOTIS PEFKIS in the  2017-18 Commercial Major Elite League Championship Final! Well Done!!!

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Deree Commencement 2018 is around the corner!

Deree Commencement 2018 is just a few days away! Faculty, staff, students and their family members come together to congratulate all graduates for their accomplishments on the biggest event of the year!

Starting at 20:30 on Saturday, June 30, undergraduate and graduate students will celebrate the completion of their bachelor’s and master’s degrees through an event they will always remember!

This year’s Commencement Address will be delivered by Dr. Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, the 2018 Honorary Degree Recipient.

Dr. Nanopoulos is a distinguished Professor of Physics and holder of the Mitchell/Heep Chair in High Energy Physics at Texas A&M University, head of the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) Astroparticle Physics Group, and a fellow and chair of Theoretical Physics at the Academy of Athens in Greece.

The ACG family is proud to welcome 330 graduates to an alumni community of more than 54,000 members!

2018 Honorary Degree Recipients

Dr. Nanopoulos will address the Deree Class of 2018 and will be offered the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, for his contribution to education, research and science.

Dimitri V. Nanopoulos

Professor of Physics and holder of the Mitchell/Heep Chair in High Energy Physics at Texas A&M University

Dr. Nanopoulos received his BSc in 1971 from the University of Athens and his PhD in 1973 from the University of Sussex, England. He has made several seminal contributions to particle physics and cosmology. He works in unified string theories, fundamentals of quantum theory, astroparticle physics and quantum-inspired models of brain function. Professor Nanopoulos is a fellow of the American Physical Society since 1988 and has also been a Curie Fellow at the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique de l’École Normale Supérieure in Paris (1975-76), Research Fellow at Harvard University (1977-79), CERN staff member (1979-86), Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin (1986-88) and joined Texas A&M University in 1989. He has written over 680 original papers, all published in peer-reviewed journals, with high impact factor, including 15 books. He has over 47,950 citations (h_index=106). In 2006 he received the “Onassis International Prize” and in 2009 the “Enrico Fermi” Prize for the relevance of his theoretical results in the study of global and local symmetries in field and string theories and for the discovery of fundamental phenomenological properties of Grand Unification and Superstring Theories.

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Carol Becker at the 23rd Kimon Friar Lecture

On Monday, June 11, the Upper Level Library was filled with students, faculty and staff who had the unique opportunity to attend the 23rd Kimon Friar Lecture delivered by Carol Becker, Professor of the Arts and Dean of Columbia University School of the Arts. Dr. Becker with her lecture “How We Think About Time: Proposals for a Future World” explored the perception of time and how people experience the world around them based on past occurrences, present circumstances and future expectations. This year, the Lecture was organized in collaboration with the Fulbright Foundation in Greece as part of Fulbright’s 70 years of educational and cultural exchanges between Greece and the United States.

Deree’s Provost, Dr. Thimios Zacharopoulos, a 1994 Fullbright scholar, opened the event and gave the welcoming remarks. During his speech, Dr. Zacharopoulos, proudly mentioned that Kimon Friar had bequeathed part of his personal library and manuscripts to the College. The Provost later presented to the audience the Executive Director of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, Ms. Artemis Zenetou, who expressed her gratitude to the ACG and the Attica Foundation on making the 23rd Kimon Friar Lecture possible. The event continued with the introduction of Dr. Becker by a former student of hers, and visual artist Georgia Kotretsos.

“The perception of time itself is not a direct subject of history but it is a nonetheless essential to how we experience our world and also to how future civilizations will regard and record our contemporary culture,” expressed Dr. Becker during her lecture.

Speaking of the ability of art to transform time into forms that can be understood by our species, Dr. Becker said: “We come to understand our condition most clearly when artists, writers and thinkers elucidate it; making it more visible to us.”

Carol Becker also presented in detail the different aspects of time and explained that “Humans actually experience time in multiple ways simultaneously without always being aware of its complexity or the particular quality of each category of time; so it is important to ask what are the myriad ways in which we actually experience time and how do we understand these experiences and the way they affect our lives.”

Dean Becker also emphasized the necessity of art as an antidote to the maddening, accelerated pace of our daily lives. “Art has the potential to expand our psyches” she said; “It reminds us that although we are living in this accelerated time we also continue to live in a deep, slow, ancient time of our spiritual selves.” Finally, Carol Becker talked about the time we all hope that have in abundance, in order to live a rich, full life; a time that will be up eventually. “Perhaps we could call this time the never enough time”, she noted ending her compelling lecture; “the time of the long journey home to ourselves when we fulfill the dream of our lives and come to understand that, doing that, was all we were ever intended to do. And in fact for that there is always just enough time.”

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The Yalova Ecosystem Experience: A field trip to remember!

From May 14-18, Deree students had the unique opportunity to participate in the first ever-interdepartmental academic weeklong workshop and field trip jointly held at the ACG Aghia Paraskevi campus and the Yalova Lagoon in Messinia.

Environmental Studies student, Nikos Kotsiopoulos, says that “when I saw the title ‘The Yalova Ecosystem Experience’, I thought that it was misleading; in my mind I was expecting to apply the field work techniques that I have learned. Little did I know that the term ‘experience’ was entirely accurate; not only did I have the opportunity to practice these techniques but also to gain several, very strong experiences. All in all, this field trip was an experience that I will cherish for years to come and look forward to repeating it.”

This five-day workshop was an immersive and experiential learning experience aimed at enhancing education for sustainability. Biology, environmental science, sociology and management came together in order for the participants to holistically understand and appreciate what we call an ecosystem. Participants gained hands-on experience by engaging in lab and field activities while simultaneously enjoying every aspect of this opportunity.

President of the Environmental Studies Society, Pinelopi Savvidou, says that “it was a brand-new experience for me. I overcame myself and I tried new activities. I admired how all students got to cooperate and help each other in difficult times. Τhe support we received from our professors and the way they guided us through this novel field trip were incredible.”

The Yalova Ecosystem Experience was organized by the ACG Center of Excellence for Sustainability – Office of Public Affairs and the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), which is a synergy between the University of Stockholm, the Academy of Athens and Costa Navarino. The workshop and field trip were also organized in collaboration with the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Environmental Studies Major.