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ACG President David G. Horner Shares Optimism for Greece’s Educational Future

In a recent interview on the Greek Current Podcast entitled “Can Changes in Higher Education Turn Greece Into a Global Education Hub?” Dr. David G. Horner, ACG President, expressed optimism regarding Greece’s recent higher education reforms. He commended the move to diversify higher education in Greece by allowing for non-profit universities, viewing it as a positive step for the country in the long term.

In the interview, Dr. Horner underscored the importance of expanding educational opportunities and fostering diversity within Greek universities. He emphasized that by providing students with more choices, Greece can retain more of its talent within its borders and cultivate a thriving educational landscape.

Drawing from ACG’s rich history, Dr. Horner discussed the institution’s adaptability over its 100-year history in Greece to flourish despite regulatory challenges. While acknowledging the obstacles that lie ahead, Dr. Horner remains steadfast in his optimism, underscoring the imperative for a collective effort to propel Greece toward becoming a global educational hub.

If you would like to hear the podcast, click here.