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ACG Community Unites in Support of Schisto Refugee Camp, Perama

For the second year running, The American College of Greece has demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian aid through its ongoing support for the Schisto Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Camp in Schisto, Perama. The ACG community, encompassing students, faculty, and staff from both Deree College and Pierce College, rallied to support the cause by participating in a Donation Drive organized by the IHP seminars HHU 2211 “Private Stories, Public Stories” and HNS 2285 “Greening the Campus,” along with the Environmental Studies & Sociology Societies, the Education Unites Program, and the Student Government, with backing from the Center of Excellence in Sustainability.

This collective effort culminated in the donation of essential school items and bags, amassing 22 boxes, which were personally delivered to the camp on March 20, 2024, by 27 Deree students and two esteemed faculty members, Dr. Stella Apostolaki and Dr. Chryssa Zachou. During their visit, the group engaged in a series of educational activities with the children and other residents of the camp. They received guided tours of the facility by Ministry of Migration and Asylum employees and the Camp’s Education Coordinator, enriching their understanding of migration issues.

Highlighting the day were various interactive games designed by the Deree students, targeting children of all school ages—from kindergarten through secondary school. The activities were not only fun but educational, focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and were followed by the distribution of participation certificates to the children, fostering a spirit of inclusiveness and awareness of environmental and social issues under the sustainability principle of “Leaving No One Behind.”

In recognition of this impactful collaboration, a thank-you board has been set up in the main corridor of Deree College, expressing gratitude to all who participated and contributed to the success of this initiative. The organizing committee extends its deepest appreciation to the entire ACG community for their unwavering support and engagement in this noble cause. Their collective action stands as a testament to the power of community and the importance of solidarity in addressing global challenges.