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The American College of Greece has one of the largest private art collections in Greece. It is the result of decades of diligent support from emerging and established artists – the vast majority of them of Greek origin – and donations and bequests from the artists themselves, alumni and other individuals, as well as from foundations and galleries.

The collection has always been an organic part of the educational mission of the College, and a focal point for artistic appreciation in Greece. It is also a sign of the College’s commitment to the study and promotion of the visual arts.

Dozens of works belonging to ACG Art are on permanent exhibit around the college’s campus in Aghia Paraskevi, forming a unique aesthetic background of incomparable diversity for students, faculty, staff and visitors alike.

Thematic exhibits take place periodically at the state-of-the-art ACG Art Gallery, while some works are on permanent exhibit at the ACG Museum.

The collection has been carefully curated and maintained over the years to record and chronicle both the art itself and the artist’s expression. With its focus on artists of Hellenic origin, the collection celebrates moments and themes in art throughout time and provides a platform for emerging artists and trends.

The ACG Art collection is accessible to both scholarly researchers and the public at large.

The American College of Greece welcomes visitors interested in its art collection and offers private as well as group campus tours throughout the year.