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Impressive drop of smoking rates in Greece in the last 5 years

More and more Greeks are turning their back on smoking. This is the result of the nationwide research conducted on behalf of The Institute of Public Health, at The American College of Greece, which also featured on this weekend’s Guardian online edition. “It is a moral victory” commented to this weekend’s Guardian online edition Panagiotis Behrakis, head of The Institute of Public Health and of the Joint Action force on tobacco control in Europe.

The research concerns the anti-smoking law and the protection of the public against secondhand smoking. The sample was 2,054 people from all over the country.

According to the findings, lots of Greeks have turned their back on smoking and are disappointed by the failed application of the anti-smoking law to restaurants and other communal areas.

Specifically, 27.1% of the population are still smokers compared to 36.7% in 2012. This drop, of 9.6 percentage points over 5 years, marks an all-time low at a European level and certainly holds the smallest prevalence of smoking in the Greek population.

Read the full Guardian article here.

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ACG-supported NGO makes it to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list

Kostapanos Miliaresis and Christos Panagiotou are two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who aspire to change the world for the better by putting their creativity and perseverance to good use.

Ethelon is their dream come true; an organization that promotes corporate volunteerism in the global society. Back in 2012, this group of Greek entrepreneurs founded GloVo, a global volunteers’ platform that connects volunteers with social events. Then the platform merged with Volunteer4Greece in 2016 to create Ethelon, a unified NGO that continues to make volunteering easier, not only in Greece but across the globe.

Their success became noticed by the Forbes team who went on to list them among the “30 under 30” Social Entrepreneurs in Europe and in the ensuing conference that took place in Boston earlier in November.

“Our participation in the Forbes 30 under 30 Conference has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On top of Ethelon, we had the honor of representing The American College of Greece; an institution of major importance to us that believed in us, supported us and is still by our side to this day, giving us the chance to make the most of this huge opportunity, and to support once more young entrepreneurship in Greece.”

Well done to them!

Read the full story here.

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Deree students to vote for this year’s Ermis Awards!

Ermis Awards, Greece’s most famous awards in advertising, honored Deree’s Communication students by letting them vote for the shortlist in the Public’s Award category – and this is happening for the first time!

50 undergraduate and graduate Communication students will vote for the 10 finalists during a special meeting on January 22, 2018. Next, the list of finalists will be posted on and the public will vote for the best candidate!

Deree – The American College of Greece is the first private academic institution that became an official member of the Hellenic Institute of Communication and a recognized member of EDCOM, the European Association that links academia with communication agencies.

The winner will be announced on the night of the awards ceremony.

Such an honor for our students! Well done to all!