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Recycling Event

On Friday, October 27, students, faculty, and staff, gathered at the Deree Main Corridor to put their recycling skills to the test and up their expertise, in a fun atmosphere.

With the International Campus Sustainability Month in full swing – and our new recycling bins placed all around campus – a Waste Reduction and Recycling Campaign has been initiated, with the October 27th Recycling Event being the first in a series of activities and events that will run during the course of this academic year across Pierce, Deree, and Alba.

Seeing the excitement on the faces of members of the entire ACG Community who had come to participate and learn more about recycling, as well as the effort and time they took in order to properly recycle on the spot, was truly inspiring. Besides the interactive recycling exercise, the participants also seized the opportunity to take the ACG Sustainability Pledge and turn these simple actions and behaviors into a daily habit and lead a more environmentally, socially, and economically responsible life. Because ACG Cares!

The activity was organized by the Center of Excellence for Sustainability at the Office of Public Affairs, in collaboration with: the ACG Offices of Operations and Technical Services, the Adjunct Preceptor of Environmental Studies, Maria Vitoraki, the Environmental Studies Program, the Environmental Studies Society, and the Deree Student Government.

For those who could not attend the event, there is a comprehensive list of useful waste reduction and recycling guidelines on the Sustainability@ACG website. And if you want to have some fun while also educating yourself, you can play the ACG Sustainability Game!

Stay tuned for the Waste Reduction and Recycling Campaign future events and similar sustainability initiatives. Get Involved!

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Waste Reduction & Recycling Campaign: Kick-off event ♻️