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Sustainable & Inclusive Growth: The Case for Green Entrepreneurship

On November 16, the Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES) at the Office of Public Affairs organized a lecture on Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, examining the case for Green Entrepreneurship. Dr. Michael T. Valahas, Director of the CES, did the opening remarks which a presentation on what unsustainable and un-inclusive growth is and the need for turning that into sustainable and inclusive growth. This presentation was followed by a series of very interesting presentations, starting with Dr. Constantinos Machairas, Executive Director of the NGO Organization Earth, on Sustainable Entrepreneurship and the wide array of programs organized at Organization Earth. Moreover, Dr. Andreas Stefanidis, Accelerator Director of, followed by sharing his thoughts and expertise on Blue Economy and Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Finally, the event concluded with a presentation on “How to boost citizens’ engagement to increase recycling performance” by Mr. Georgios Steggos, CEO and co-founder of the Green start-up Cyclefi.