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Recycling Activity at Pierce

Following the annual Pierce Christmas Bazaar, Pierce students gathered at the school on a Saturday morning in order to help the cleaning services clean part of the school. This occasion represented the perfect opportunity for Pierce to officially join in the year-round ACG Waste Reduction and Recycling campaign with its first awareness-raising activity. A total of fifteen students took this task upon themselves while also receiving hands-on training on the importance of waste management and best recycling practices by Dr. Michael T. Valahas, Director of the Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES). Participants in the overall effort were the Pierce Principal, the Vice President at the Office of Public Affairs, and Pierce faculty members.

In the days following the activity, the same students engaged in peer-to-peer education during the Pierce Club hours, by sharing their newfound knowledge on waste management and recycling with their fellow-classmates. The students showed the following video, accompanied by a presentation on best recycling practices and the importance of viewing everything as a valuable resource!