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Student Symposium 2018; students exhibiting their accomplishments

The 4th Annual Student Research and Creative Arts Symposium was concluded on Friday, June 8, with great success and an impressive number of participants and attendees. The 4-day event, that began on Tuesday, June 5, took place at various locations around the Deree campus, including the Student Lounge, AC Auditorium, ACG Gallery, 7th level Auditorium and Black Box Theater, and gave the opportunity to 258 students to showcase their research, creative and artistic work. Deree undergraduate and graduate students presented more than 190 projects that were single or collaboratively produced during the academic year of 2017-18. The projects included laboratory or other applied research findings, research papers and oral presentations, creative works, visual art installations, musical and drama presentations.

During the Annual Student Symposium students are free to share their work with a diverse audience of peers and enhance their resume through participation in a professional setting.

Most work exhibited is done by junior and senior students, and is the result of work usually accomplished in capstone courses, internships, laboratory and studio courses, or other courses that require a substantial project, thesis or performance.