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Deree Corporate Internship Recognition and Networking Event

On Monday, November 20, over 50 students were honored for successfully completing internships at leading companies in the fields of tourism, technology, automobile, communications, marketing, legal and financial services, and more. The event – organized by the Offices of Career Services, Development and Alumni Relations, in collaboration with Student Affairs – was also held in honor of the companies who gave our students the opportunity to take their first professional steps as interns. Moreover, in the second part of that special evening, our young and talented professionals had the opportunity to interact and network with representatives from the above companies.

Thanks to Deree’s strong engagement with the local and international market students, and its 53,000-strong network of alumni all over the world, Deree students enjoy increased possibilities to land a job suitable to their profile, studies, and talents. Suffice to say that from June 2016 to September 2017, through the Office of Career Services, 170 students have worked in more than 80 leading companies as interns.

“My internship at the U.S. Embassy changed my life” said Ippolyti Chatzi, who majored in Psychology at Deree. “They trusted me with their work and offered me a job in the middle of my internship. In a collapsing Greek reality, they showed me respect, opportunity and open doors instead of brick walls. They convinced me that what you dream, you can truly achieve and they inspired me to go after the life I want for myself. My internship at the U.S. Embassy was the most powerful, stimulating and developing experience I was blessed to have, so far. And I am always going to be grateful and loyal to both institutions for all they have given me.”

Deree and its people have also played a significant part in the students’ success as interns. “The Office of Career Services guided me all the way through the application and interviewing process […]. But probably its most important contribution was its academic environment that always pushed me to improve and seek for new opportunities and challenges”, said Lefteris Dafermos in his speech, parallel student pursuing a minor in Finance at Deree. “Now looking back on my experience after two years I can only hope that this wonderful internship scheme will continue to exist; that the ACG students will enjoy this inspiring and insightful experience and the partner institutions will benefit from the drive, dedication and enthusiasm of the motivated and hardworking students.”

Congratulations to our students and wishing them the best of success in their future steps as professionals!