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DCAC Swim Team Wins 10 Medals!

The Deree College Athletic Club (DCAC) Swim Team recently flew to Berlin, Germany, to take part in the ISM BERLIN 2017, the 15th International Swim Meeting held on March 3–5. More than 1,500 athletes from 25 countries took place in the competition, with our athletes earning 4th place from 195 European teams and winning 10 medals in total!

  • Stamou, Konstantinos: GOLD 50m freestyle; GOLD 400m freestyle; SILVER 50m butterfly; BRONZE 200m freestyle
  • Georgopoulou, Joanna: GOLD 200m backstroke; BRONZE 100m backstroke
  • Vogiatzis, George: GOLD 200m freestyle
  • Mitsakou, Chrysa: BRONZE 400m freestyle; BRONZE 100m butterfly
  • Siganou, Zoi: BRONZE 200m breaststroke

The DCAC Sports Academy was established in order to provide a quality sports learning experience of the highest quality for children. The aim is for young people to develop basic, intermediate, and advanced sports skills, while simultaneously promoting the importance of adhering to recognized sport values. We are also proud that the backbone of the DCAC Swim Team consists of Pierce Athletic Scholarship recipients.

Overall, our young athletes triumphed at one of the most challenging international swim competitions in Europe, while creating memories that will last a lifetime, and discovering one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Berlin.

Congratulations to our athletes and their coaches for these outstanding results!

You can find more information in Greek, here.