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Bronze Ermis Award for the Athens Voice-Deree Collaboration!

Following last year’s success, on March 14, The American College of Greece was honored to receive the Bronze Ermis Award in the category of Media. The awarded project was the collaboration between Deree and urban newspaper Athens Voice, the No.1 free press in Greece since 2003, titled “Athens Through the Eyes of Deree Students.”

The seed was planted with a creative idea by Asset Ogilvy Public Relations, and after a lot of brainstorming and coordination, the project blossomed when 39 of our Deree students took to the streets and owned every one of the 80 colorful pages of the #592 issue of Athens Voice.

In this unique collaboration, students from various academic fields such as Communication, Marketing, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, as well as members of the International Honors Program, the Photography Club, and the Deree Gazette, acquired a new “identity” – as photographers, journalists, writers, visual artists – and depicted their unique thoughts and secrets of Athens in this special issue.

The result? A fresh, urban, engaging, and entertaining anniversary issue, so as to truly celebrate the 13 Years of Athens Voice!

It goes without saying that, first and foremost, this award belongs to our dedicated students for the production of such high-caliber content. It also goes to Athens Voice for tirelessly offering our students guidance and support, to our faculty, and to our staff from the offices of Marketing and Communication, and Student Affairs, for going the extra mile to make this such a memorable experience for our students.

This award serves as validation of the College’s determination to provide our students with unique opportunities so that they can explore different skills, talents, and passions, while also gaining tremendous work experience.

Congratulations everyone!

13 years of Athens Voice. 39 Deree students. 1 awesome anniversary issue. Read it here!