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Annual FRSFPA Student Exhibition

The Visual Arts Department of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts at Deree – The American College of Greece, is pleased to present its Annual Student Exhibition, featuring the work of 9 graduating students who will present their capstone projects.

The Exhibition will be held at the ACG Art Gallery and is open to all and has free admission. Please join us and the artists at the exhibition opening on Wednesday, May 3, at 19:00–22:00 and to meet the artists.

From May 3 – May 12, guests can visit the ACG Gallery and see works in diverse media by graduating students of the Visual Arts degree program at Deree.

For the capstone project, students who have completed the full Visual Arts program, have designed, researched, and realized a project relating to their specific interests as emerging visual artists.

Sofia Alexiou

Alexiou’s installation, Room 01, heightens the relationship between the body and space by allowing the viewer to discover his or her proprioceptive sense.

Afroditi Andreou

Andreou’s works derive from a fascination with anthropology and symbolism. Liminal is a series of large, abstract oil paintings that mark her personal rite of passage as she transforms from a student to an artist. Liminal stands for the in-between phase where an individual is lingering between two worlds without yet belonging anywhere.

Maria-Claudia Doulou

Doulou’s installation externalizes the complex cognitive process system that guides her interaction with others. The installation is a labyrinth that works as a metaphorical paradigm of the way Doulou handles communication. Drawing inspiration from the communication process, this installation works as a bridge between a metaphor and a simulated experience of what it is like to be in the artists’ head.

Lydia Chantzi

Chantzi’s work addresses the social difficulties of being a woman. Her work considers both the repression of women in society, and the way that this is represented. By sculpting her own face and binding it within the image, she expresses this repression and, at the same time, challenges its representation.

Melina Malliaroudaki

Malliaroudaki uses photography and sound to connect viewers to the people she represents. Playing with the trope, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” she wants the audience to feel for her subjects, no matter who is portrayed. Bringing us intimate portraits of her multi-cultural friends, she allows the work to literally “speak to you.”

Amarissia Paragioudaki

Paragioudaki’s work deals with the idea of the uncanny, and constitutes an investigation of distorted representations as a product of unconscious processes. She uses mixed media and LED lighting as a contradiction between cognitive behavior and its relation to the unconscious.

Areti Skavantzou

Skavantzou’s project X=1 seeks to break the socially restrictive barriers of categorization and labeling. The therapeutic process of scratching and engraving the surface of the paper lays the groundwork for the artwork to weave its way from gender discrimination to the universals of existentialism.

Irene Vlavianou

Vlavianou’s work functions as a fragmented representation of a process. Her work derives from her own dictionary of symbols that she uses to understand and recreate ritualistic processes. In cycles and circles, her project attempts to grasp theories of time within our contemporary urban environment, reframing them as an artistic project.

Vasiliki Zafeiropoulou

Zafeiropoulou’s work Fragmented Reality critiques the Internet, social media, and the way we experience things through our vision. Representing the huge quantity of digital images that “travel” globally, and to which we are exposed daily, the work challenges the viewer to take a stand by both keeping a distance and by becoming aware of the space that surrounds us. This dialogue takes the viewer on a journey to their inner self.

The exhibition at the ACG Art Gallery will be accompanied by a presentation of projects by Visual Arts students (graphic design, sculpture, painting, drawing, digital image, and performance) that can be found in the Arts Center Gallery, Studios 201–203, as well as in the surrounding outdoor areas.

Opening: Wednesday, May 3, 19:00–22:00
Duration: May 3 -12, 2017
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 15:00–18:00

Open to all, with free admission

ACG Gallery, Deree – the American College of Greece
6 Gravias Street, 15342 Aghia Paraskevi , Athens

For more information, please contact Niki Kladakis at 210 600 9800 ext. 1456, or at [email protected].