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4th Underwater Beach Cleaning at Lagonisi

On Saturday, November 4, the 4th annual Underwater Beach Cleaning event took place in Lagonisi. The Office of Athletics – Outdoor Recreation area organized the event in cooperation with the municipality of Saronikos. Six volunteer divers, Deree students and staff, participated and worked on the removal of dozens of kilos of garbage from the bottom of the sea in the area of Lagonisi. The garbage removed was extremely diverse, including pieces of plastic, fishing gear, pieces of sunken vessels, and various other items, and highlighted the importance of underwater beach cleaning. All of the garbage that was retrieved was photographed, recorded, and properly disposed of. The municipality of Saronikos and its representatives expressed their gratitude by offering the divers snacks and beverages after the dive. All participants were awarded with certificates of appreciation signed by the mayor.

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4th Annual Underwater Beach Cleaning