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2017 Deree Relay Marathon

A BIG thank you and congratulations to all Deree students and ACG Faculty and Staff who participated in the 17th Deree Relay Marathon, held on November 9.

The 2017 winners are:

BEST TIME – TEAM: Fitness Center (3h51’26”)
2nd Flying Turtles (4h48’25”)
3rd Deree Soccer Stars (5h05’45”)

BEST TIME – MEN: Tetoros, Elia (14’46”)
2nd Dilintas Iasonas (14’56”)
3rd Katsaridis Markos (16’17”)

BEST TIME – WOMEN: Manta Anna – Maria (17’41”)
2nd Mandila Dafni (17’59”)
3rd Askepidou Vasia (18’00”)

Special thanks to our student volunteers whose help and contribution was very important to the success of the event.

See you next year!