March, 2019

201918Mar15:0015:50A Square of Space15:00 - 15:50

Event Details

When: Monday, March 18 15.00 -15.50
Where: Deree Faculty Lounge

A presentation by Adrianne Kalfopoulou
School of Liberal Arts

“A Square of Space”

What kinds of reconfigurations of space and time become representative of the refugee experience, if one can even use the adjective “representative.” In Hannah Arendt’s 1943 article, “We Refugees” she speaks famously of the challenges to the displaced Jewish WWII populations, noting “Man is a social animal and life is not easy for him when social ties are cut off. Moral standards are much easier kept in the texture of a society.” Her words are newly relevant in the context of today’s displaced groups of Syrian, Afghan, and Kurdish people who have been unable to move beyond Greece since the EU’s March 2016 decision to close the borders into northern Europe. This presentation will look specifically how different kinds of spaces, from the camps to fringe squats have become sites of convergences and interfaces of culture and survival, how communities change and reinvent themselves within a larger politics of exclusion.

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