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The Center of Excellence in Sustainability of the American College of Greece secures funding from the Helidoni Foundation for the ‘Lesvos – Mission Blue Project’

The Helidoni Foundation has confirmed support of the ACG’s Center of Excellence in Sustainability. Established in 2011, it promotes sustainability on the ACG campus and beyond. One of the cornerstones of the partnership will be its participation in the ‘Lesvos – Mission Blue Project’.


Helidoni Foundation

Launched in 2018, the Project engages science and community to protect, preserve, and revitalize the Aegean Sea. It uses a citizen-science approach to ensure that the Aegean Archipelago is safe, sustainably managed, and its diverse marine life protected. At the same time, local environmental activists are supported and empowered. ACG’S Center of Excellence in Sustainability jointly runs the initiative with the Healing Lesvos non-profit organization and the University of the Aegean. The Project aims to establish best practices other islands or regions can adopt in Greece and the Mediterranean. The emphasis is on environmental conservation, youth engagement, and empowering the most vulnerable social groups, such as refugees.

Eleni Atsikasis, Founder of Healing Lesvos, said regarding the collaboration with ACG, ‘It is the forward-thinking approach of partners like The American College of Greece that will not only support the aim of the Lesvos Mission Blue Project to regenerate the marine ecology but will also deliver other benefits, including boosting the local economy of Lesvos. Collectively it will allow us to ensure a secure future for generations of island inhabitants for years to come. There is no time to waste!’

ACG’s Center of Excellence in Sustainability will support the Project’s research and educational partner with monitoring, data analysis, marine surveys, and supporting the Healing Lesvos’ Citizen Science Hub.

The Helidoni Foundation aims to promote renewal and progress by nurturing philanthropic and social impact ventures from ideation to viability. It seeks to catalyze the development and growth of a new generation of social enterprises by providing funding and incubation opportunities. The Helidoni Foundation supports a growing list of mission-first entities focused on finding solutions that offer tangible social benefits and improving the community in meaningful ways.