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Deree is proud of the OTE GROUP 2022-2023 Expendable Scholarships

The American College of Greece is proud to announce a new collaboration with OTE GROUP. The Group will offer partial tuition Scholarship opportunities for one or more promising Deree students who wish to pursue a BSc in Cybersecurity and Networks at Deree and one or more promising  Deree students who wish to pursue an MS in Data Science respectively. The Scholarships are available from the Academic Year 2022 – 2023.

Deree is honored to collaborate with the largest technology company in Greece. These scholarships will aim to equip on one hand young people with the knowledge and skillset to face the increased adoption of cyberspace data and information assurance architectures, and on the other hand, offer them the opportunity to receive advanced knowledge and practical skills in the science of Big Data.

OTE Group contributes to a better world for all, through technology and innovation a vision fully aligned with Deree’s aspiration to play an important role in the post-pandemic era: synthesizing civic liberty, economic performance, and public health.