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AEGEAN renewed its support to The American College of Greece as Official Airline Carrier

The American College of Greece is thrilled to announce the renewal of the support offered by AEGEAN for 2024. For 5 consecutive years, AEGEAN has been offering air transport services to a substantial number of students and professors from Pierce, Deree, and Alba to support their academic goals.

This dynamic partnership, under AEGEAN’s CSR program, aims to empower both graduate and undergraduate students by providing enhanced opportunities to attend exciting international conferences, participate in European competitions, and actively engage in exchange programs throughout Europe, all facilitated by the ACG Academic Advancement Programs (AAP).

Having established itself in 1999, AEGEAN has since evolved into the Greek flag carrier, earning prestigious awards along the way. With an extended network of more than 180 destinations in 46 countries and a fleet of 76 aircraft, including the brand-new Airbus A320 and A321 neo, AEGEAN is well‑equipped to cater to the diverse needs of the ACG student community. At the same time, it supports AEGEAN’s strong commitment to facilitate, through its CSR policy and initiatives, youth empowerment and knowledge creation in Greece.

This partnership signifies not only a commitment to providing students with enhanced travel services but also to fostering a deeper connection between the academic community and the broader world with the support of a leading Greek company.

As a student, I recently had the privilege of attending the START Summit in Switzerland, and I must say that it was a truly life-changing experience. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to AEGEAN for providing the air tickets that made it possible for me to attend this summit, and to Deree for their support in making this happen. The START Summit was an amazing opportunity to network with like‑minded individuals and learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world. The speakers were truly inspiring, and I came away with a wealth of knowledge and ideas that I can apply in my own life and career.

Achilles Panagiotis Diamantidis, Deree Student, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club trip, 2023