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ACG is grateful to AEGEAN for continuing its Official Air Carrier Sponsorship for one more year

AEGEAN airlines

The American College of Greece (ACG) is grateful to AEGEAN for continuing its generous support to our school and offering 100 tickets for the travels of Pierce, Deree and Alba students participating in ACG Academic Advancement Programs organized in 2023. AEGEAN continues to be ACG’s Official Air Carrier Sponsor for one more year.

AEGEAN systematically invests in corporate responsibility activities and believes in giving deserving responsible young people access to unique educational opportunities. The company offers distinctive, global, transformative and lifetime experiences, paving the way to an exciting and hopeful future for the next generation of leaders. Our students and their families are tremendously grateful to AEGEAN, and ACG is fortunate to have AEGEAN as a supporter.

Read an account below of a Deree student who flew to London on June 2022 with AEGEAN:

It has always been my dream to study abroad, and I plan to do so for my master’s degree in the future. The study abroad program was a great way to experience that on a smaller scale while also gaining valuable experience for the future. My study abroad experience undeniably offered me a lot. From the joy of living in London and making new friends from around the world, to learning to overcome difficulties on my own and becoming more independent and self-sufficient. What I appreciated the most was that for the first time in my life, I was forced to navigate through life almost completely on my own, as I knew no one in the country, and that, while challenging, was a very freeing and empowering experience. The scholarships I received from AEGEAN helped relieve the pressure I was putting on my family by committing to this program. The AEGEAN free tickets allowed me to afford to come to London, which was an incredible help!