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Two ACG students give the closing speech at the HELMEPA Conference, Posidonia

Two ACG students gave the closing speech at the HELMEPA Conference at Posidonia Exhibition, on June 8, 2022. The students – Mr. Periklis Prousaloglou, BSc (Hons) in Shipping Management and Ms. Alia-Ioanna Panetsou, International Honors Program in Theatre Arts – gave an inspirational talk and presented their insights on topics relevant to shipping and the marine environment, under the guidance of Dr. George Kokosalakis, Executive Director of the Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation and Dr. Stella Apostolaki, Executive Director of the Center of Excellence in Sustainability, respectively.

In more detail, the students referred to the challenges and opportunities faced by the maritime industry towards a more sustainable future, thus decarbonization of the maritime industry, sustainability and pollution prevention at ports, as well as the effect of the 4th industrial revolution on the shipping sector. Addressed areas included the use of alternative fuels and propulsion systems for vessels, means and methods to create sustainable ports, as well as novel technologies which can transform the maritime industry and lead to more efficient operations while enhancing safety. The two students also referred to the man-made impacts on the marine environment. More specifically, they presented facts on overfishing, human activities in the urban and agricultural areas, shipping, coastal development and tourism, as well as oil spills. The problems associated with those issues, their impact on biodiversity and solutions were outlined.

The students finished with a positive message for a possible sustainable future for the world Oceans.