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The “Inspiring Minds” Sessions: ACG makes an impressive appearance at Kathimerini’s K*Inspiration event

Inspirational stories of innovation, talent, resourcefulness, vision, and leadership were presented in the framework of Kathimerini’s K*Inspiration event, held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, on September 19, where ACG participated as educational partner.

A keen audience had gathered in the venue from early in the afternoon to hear the stories that unfolded in a special section comprised of two sessions themed “Inspiring Minds”, brimming with tales of inspiration and aspiration uniquely presented by representatives from all ACG divisions – Pierce, Deree and Alba.

The role of technological innovation in the learning process was the central theme of the early part of the “Inspiring Minds” sessions. The case of ACG’s Simulated Trading Room, presented by Dr. Annie Triantafillou, Dean of Deree’s School of Business and Economics, stirred the attendees’ interest thanks to its sophistication, pioneering technology and unparalleled learning advantage. “We are the only educational institution in the region of Southeastern Europe that can boast this kind of lab” noted Dean Triantafillou in her presentation and went on to add that “the purpose of this Room is to promote financial literacy.”

Robotics and new technologies, as seen in academic projects brought to life by Pierce students, were also discussed during the first part of the ACG sessions. “We believe that by engaging students to participate actively in a series of increasingly complex projects, we can broaden their perception of technology and science” said Ms. Louisa Stathopoulou, professor of Technology at Pierce. The work of the Deree Athletics Department and the importance of quality athletic education as a prerequisite for individual success were highlighted by Athletics Director, Mr. Theodore Priskomatis. Also present were two student-athletes from Pierce and Deree, whose unique achievements corroborated the truth of his words.

Equally captivating, the second part of the sessions continued with a panel discussion featuring two distinguished academics from Deree and Alba, namely Dr. Haris Vlavianos, Professor of History and Political Theory at Deree, and Director of the ACG Institute of Global Affairs, and Dr. Charalampos Mainemelis, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Director of the SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership, at Alba Graduate Business School. This part centered mainly on excellence, research and the generation of new knowledge taking place at ACG. “We are a flexible school, we make sure to identify our students’ needs, in order to help executives, businesses and society as a whole, and prepare them to rise to whatever challenges may come their way” commented Dr. Mainemelis. “University is not just about acquiring job-related skills; it is also about embarking on an inner process of self-discovery and knowledge; it is about the ability to develop one’s critical thinking, the ability to see the context in which one lives, to stand on one’s own feet” noted Dr. Haris Vlavianos and concluded: “Deree offers a diverse, multicultural environment. Students open up to a variety of cultures and civilizations and I think this is very important, because it is a way to a better understanding of one’s own culture.” The panel discussion was moderated by Kathimerini journalist, Mr. Nikos Efstathiou.