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The first “ACG Plastic Free Day” on campus!

This year’s efforts of the #ACGGoesPlasticFree campaign concluded with the launch of the first ever “ACG Plastic Free Day” on our campus on June 10, 2019.

A day fully dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of plastic pollution and encouraging our community to be plastic-free for a day on campus by bringing their own reusable items (e.g. coffee cup, lunch box, water bottle) when ordering at all on campus vendors and refusing the straw.

This day, which was organized by the ACG Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES) and the Office of Public Affairs, was the perfect opportunity to inaugurate the brand new signs placed at all ACG vendors, encouraging our community members to bring their own reusable items and refuse the single-use ones!

The “ACG Plastic Free Day” was celebrated in conjunction with the annual, traditional, celebration of the “World Environment Day @ ACG”, where the Environmental Studies Society in collaboration with the Fashion Club, organized a multitude of activities. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a treasure hunt, the ECOquiz board game on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), and gave participants the opportunity to calculate their ecological, water, and plastic footprints!

In parallel and in collaboration with the NGO Institute Team For The World, community members were also encouraged to donate gently used sneakers and sports equipment, thus giving them a second life and helping out our fellow citizens who need them.

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The first ACG Plastic Free Day!