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“The Extrovert City”: a successful event with Y. Boutaris & G. Kaminis

In a congested hall of the Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, an intensely interesting discussion between Yiannis Boutaris and Giorgos Kaminis was held on February 20.

The two zealous politicians, widely known for their contemporary thoughts on cities’ identities, discussed with Andreas Andrianopoulos the role of local authority and its need to function beyond political parties, towards a common approach that satisfies the cities’ demands.

Both of them discussed and agreed on the fact that local authorities have to wean off central government, unless they want to remain to a constant adolescence stage. And the audience seemed to attest it in the most profound way: “I dealt with the local authorities back in 1976, when no such term even existed. I still feel that we struggle”, said one of the members of the audience.

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