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ACG Sustainability Participates in the ESG Conference by KPMG

The ACG Director of Sustainability, Rania Assariotaki, participated as a speaker in the panel discussion on “The integration of the ESG journey in business transformation” during the first ESG and Compliance Conference by KPMG Greece.

During the discussions, the ACG Sustainability Director highlighted the importance of sustainability in higher education, citing concrete actions taken by ACG as examples. She emphasized that organizations embracing sustainability are creating value and influencing future leaders. The director also acknowledged the ongoing challenge of finding an appropriate assessment tool for the collected ESG data and emphasized the continuous need for education, information sharing, and collaboration across departments. Additionally, she noted that ESG is an integral part of the College’s culture.

The conference highlighted the continuously increasing and evolving importance of integrating ESG into all business and investment decisions. The conference presented the business outcomes resulting from aligning these initiatives, making business more competitive and financially stable.