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Sustainability @ Commencements 2023

Pierce, Alba, and Deree Undergraduate & Graduate students came together to celebrate this year’s commencement, keeping up with the tradition of maintaining an environmentally friendly and sustainable event. In line with ACG’s sustainability guidelines, the ceremony took a digital approach, eliminating the need for hardcopy invitations or printed materials. Guests were encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles, emphasizing the importance of minimizing plastic waste and promoting recycling practices. The commitment to sustainability extended beyond the event, as all graduates signed the “ACG Graduation Sustainability Pledge” and proudly displayed the ACG Cares green ribbon on their gowns, symbolizing their dedication to promoting sustainability beyond the campus boundaries and striving to build a sustainable world.

The graduation ceremonies marked a significant milestone for the students, who not only celebrated their academic achievements but also embraced their role as responsible and engaged citizens and professionals. By wearing the ACG Cares green ribbon, graduates publicly showcased their commitment to advancing sustainability in their future endeavors. The event emphasized the institution’s dedication to fostering a culture of sustainability, instilling in the graduates the importance of taking active steps to protect the environment and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Congratulations to all our graduates! By prioritizing sustainability and acting as advocates for positive change, these students have demonstrated their readiness to make a meaningful impact on the world and create a better future for all.

ACG Sustainability Graduation Pledge

“I pledge to use the knowledge, values and experience I gained during my studies at Deree-ACG, acting as a responsible and engaged citizen and professional, in order to actively contribute towards a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable world.”