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Socialab’s Anagnostopoulos Talks Job Prospects on Campus

In a highly informative lecture on Campus entitled “Opening the Door to Digital Marketing Prospects,” Socialab’s CEO George Anagnostopoulos discussed job prospects and future trends in the industry, encouraging the audience to enjoy the work they do.

The supply of people wanting to work in the digital marketing field far exceeds demand, Mr. Anagnostopoulos said, attributing the gap to the economic crisis (which affects budgets) and the fact that there “are a lot of people from advertising who have lost their jobs, or fear that they will lose their jobs, and want to turn to digital as they see that it will take off.”

He urged those who want to get into the field to seek out internships as a way of breaking into the market, but warned that it’s not a 9-5 job with weekend breaks, so one should really enjoy it, adding that he has “fun at the office.” Mr Anagnostopoulos also said he sees mobile marketing as the next big thing, as more and more people start to use their phones to pay for things.

Alexandra Janez (Communication major, DEREE Class of ’15) of DEREE’s Communication Society introduced George Anagnostopoulos calling him a “pioneer in online marketing,” at this second lecture in the Communication Contexts 2014-2015 series, organized by DEREE’s Communication Society.

Mr Anagnostopoulos is one of the key instructors in ALBA’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, in partnership with Socialab and the Digital Marketing Institute.