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Socialab CEO Anagnostopoulos to Speak at DEREE

George Anagnostopoulos, CEO of Socialab and a pioneer in digital marketing in Greece, has worked with over 50 brands in 13 years and will share his acquired wisdom in a lecture entitled “Understanding the Digital Marketing Job Market” at DEREE’s Center for the Arts Auditorium, on Tuesday, November 18.

Mr Anagnostopoulos has been creating innovative, digital content for twenty years, beginning with the first Greek online magazine, Cybernalists, he founded in 1994 and a career spanning the London dotcom scene and the mobile marketing industry in Greece, until his latest project, Socialab, which he founded in 2009. His ground-breaking digital marketing agency features in two of Greece’s top five Facebook Studio Awards entries of all time, and has won six social media awards – including the 2014 Social Media Savvy Agency of the Year Award.

Anagnostopoulos also frequently conducts seminars in digital marketing, while editing, and sits on the Ermis Awards Judges Committee (in the digital category). He is also one of the key instructors in ALBA’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, in partnership with Socialab and the Digital Marketing Institute.

“Understanding the Digital Marketing Job Market,” takes place on Tuesday, November 18, 13:40-15:00 at the Center for the Arts Auditorium. The lecture is open to the public. This Communication Society event is part of the Communication Contexts 2014-2015 series, and is organized by DEREE’s Communication Society.