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Shaping the Future of Dance Education in Greece

This is an exciting time for the future of dance education and training in Greece, the invigoration of which has been the subject of recent debate.

Following press coverage and discussions of the European Dancehouse Network at the Duncan Centre, many artists and scholars agree that the learning path of today’s dance artists needs to include new means of creation and performance contexts, while also examining the power of somatic practices in regard to the teaching of technique, and the impact of new technology in novel approaches to the art.

A New Bachelor of Arts

In the context of revitalizing the dance education in Greece as it constantly needs to strive to reflect international standards, the Theater Arts and Dance Department of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts at Deree is proud to announce its innovative Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Contemporary Dance Practice, starting this fall semester, in September 2016!

The BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance Practice offers a contemporary and wide-ranging curriculum, further strengthened by the fusion of the European conservatoire study with multidisciplinary higher education studies.  The program balances performance skills and artistic methods in dance practice with a theoretical approach and the examination of new technologies.

The degree has been carefully crafted to ensure that students can become successful and versatile practitioners in a global environment, and/or pursue further academic studies in the field of dance or related disciplines. The dance specialist courses include a range of dance and movement techniques, choreography, dance analysis and history. Moreover, students will be able to work in areas of interdisciplinary nature; for example, courses exploring dance and music in collaboration, dance and visual/digital technologies, dance pedagogy and social development, site-specific work, all which reflect current innovation in European conservatoires dance curricula.

The new program has been developed on solid artistic and creative ground established over the last five years:

The work of Dance students and staff has been presented in public dance venues including Kinitiras Studio and Residency Centre, Romantzo, Booze Cooperativa, Neo Kosmos Theater, The Greek Choreographer’s Association Festival.

Lastly, Deree aims to connect its students with the industry of their study, providing them with increased opportunities and insights. Students in the existing Dance minor have previously worked with top national and international dance artists. Past collaborators include RootlessRoot, Michael Klien, Efva Lilja, Yelp Dance Company, Prosxina Dance Company, Soyuz Dance Company, and Joh- Paul Zacarrini.


Given the physically demanding nature of full time training, all applicants must pass an audition before proceeding to the College-wide admissions program. Auditioning applicants are evaluated on their potential for training and therefore the audition panel considers dance technique, creative approaches to improvisation as well as information provided in the interview.

Auditions will take place on:

Wednesday, June 22 at 15:00-18:00
Saturday, July 2 at 11:00-14:00

In order to reserve a place, or for further information contact the Office of Admissions:

t. 210 600 9800, ext.: 1410, 1318, 1411 or [email protected]

Further auditions will take place in August and September.