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President Horner’s message on the developments in Israel and Gaza

Developments in Israel and Gaza since October 7 have created sorrow and hardship for those in that region and far beyond. We recognize that some of those in our own community are deeply affected by this conflict. To that end, we have asked the Counseling Center to provide additional services for anyone who wishes to access them. We also have asked our academic and support staff to be particularly sensitive to the possibility that individual students’ lives may be disrupted.

The American College of Greece is committed to academic freedom and freedom of speech, values that mean ACG will always seek to maintain an environment which allows the expression of opinions on various sides of any issue. ACG is equally committed to the values of goodwill and tolerance, values that mean that ACG will not accept actions that attempt to intimidate or threaten anyone due to their differing points of view or lifestyle.

In this way, we believe that all of us, no matter our personal views, can move forward with compassion for all those who suffer and with a commitment to minimizing that suffering and to supporting healing, reconciliation, and peace whenever possible.

David G. Horner, PhD
The American College of Greece