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From Ideas to Action: Deree’s Pioneering Steps in Liberal Arts Education

The American College of Greece demonstrated its steadfast commitment to providing a comprehensive liberal arts education during a collaborative gathering hosted by Deree on January 10. This unique event brought together a diverse assembly of academics, students, industry representatives, and support staff, aiming to collectively shape the future of liberal education at the College. Emphasizing the cultivation of critical thinking and the acquisition of a versatile set of academic, intellectual, social, and professional skills, the College has long championed the merits of a liberal arts education as a solid foundation for students to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

The dynamic gathering at Deree showcased the College’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in education. With active participation from students, academics across diverse disciplines, and representatives from prominent industries in Greece, discussions spanned topics such as curriculum development, teaching methodologies, and the integration of technology and experiential learning opportunities. This collaborative effort aimed to brainstorm innovative ideas to enhance the existing liberal education framework at the College, ensuring its alignment with the demands of the contemporary job market. As participants left the event with a shared sense of purpose, the generated energy and ideas are poised to contribute significantly to the ongoing evolution of liberal arts education at ACG.