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Overcoming Adversity: A Bright Future Ahead at Deree for Syrian Refugee

In 2017, Amar Abu Asaf escaped his war-torn homeland, Syria, and arrived in Greece as an unaccompanied minor. He enrolled in school and didn’t speak any Greek. With his sheer determination, he not only managed to read and write Greek but, with the help of his teachers, graduated high school. Now Amar is beginning a new chapter in his life as an ACG student. He has been accepted with a full (four-year) scholarship to Deree and will have the opportunity to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor and studying in the Department of Theatre Studies and Political Sciences.

Amar’s love of acting began when he participated in the intercultural opera youth workshop “Co-OPERAtive” and attended opera performances at the Herodium. He had a leading role in a National Opera of Greece production of “Go to come back” and in a series produced by Amazon Prime.

A child of war, Amar was under the protective wing of the NGO European Expression – EKPETHE and had the opportunity to develop all his skills with solidarity, dedication, and empathy, standing alongside his peers. Accompanied by the organization’s representative, Katerina Androna, and his professor Kosmas Drakatos, Amar met with Sofia Voultepsi, the Deputy Minister of Greece responsible for Integration and Unaccompanied Minors, and Heracles Moskoff, Secretary-General for Vulnerable Citizens and Institutional Protection.

A shining example of integration, perseverance and optimism, Amar expressed his desire to give back to our country all that it has offered him. With heartfelt words, Amar expressed his readiness to serve Greece, his adopted homeland.