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New Majors at DEREE-ACG

DEREE-The American College of Greece is introducing half a dozen new majors, in accordance with its commitment to academic excellence and in response to the changing needs of its students.

“At DEREE, we are constantly looking to stay in touch with societal needs, but also to prepare our students for careers in areas that will be in demand in the future,” says DEREE Provost Thimios Zaharopoulos, adding, “our new academic programs are designed to strengthen student preparation in some fields already available at the College, like Shipping Management and Finance, but also offer them education and training in newer fields such as Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Management, and Graphic Design.” 

Looking to the future, Dr. Zaharopoulos says he believes that “Logistics & Supply Chain Management will be an area of economic growth for Greece, and we want to be at the forefront of that growth.”

DEREE is also introducing a new Sports Management major, that will debut in the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and its creators hope to attract students from all over the world to the DEREE campus and its state-of-the-art facilities.

“Another program at the graduate level we believe will serve societal needs is Applied Educational Psychology.  However, we are not finished and we are working to introduce new academic programs the following year as well,” notes Dr. Zaharopoulos.

More about the new majors at DEREE:

BSc in Finance

The BSc program in Finance equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to build and grow in their careers by providing them with a strong theoretical and technical background, strengthen their interpersonal skills and nurture them in an ethical perspective for solving business problems.

The program targets students wishing to pursue professional careers in the three inter-related areas in finance (financial management, investments/risk management and financial markets), while also preparing them for graduate study or professional certifications in the areas of Finance, Banking, Accounting, Economics and Business Strategy & Administration. 

The program is also appropriate for graduates and professionals looking to enhance and update their skills in finance and to expand their professional horizons either as entrepreneurs, consultants or managers in international or local corporations.

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BA (Hons) in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program will be launched in the fall of 2015. The program exposes students to a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that integrates theory, the creative process and new technologies. It emphasizes communication, research, analytical, creative and portfolio development skills. By developing creativity, critical and conceptual thinking, and communication skills, it enables students to become successful, versatile practitioners in a global environment, or pursue further academic studies in the field of Graphic Design and Visual Communication.

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BSc (Hons) in Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management program resides in the School of Business of DEREE and aims at equipping students with thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry and administration, as well as key professional and transferable skills that will allow them to pursue careers in the healthcare industry or post-graduate degrees in related fields in Greece or abroad. The program aspires at rendering students informed and responsible healthcare professionals who are able to manage effectively resources, budget and staff in the healthcare sector, contributing both to the wider community and the employing healthcare organizations.

DEREE students can complete a dual degree, that is, a DEREE US degree together with an Open University validated award (a UK degree), in just four years.

The program also includes a credit-baring internship placement in the field of healthcare, as a compulsory component of the program.

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BSc (Hons) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management major is intended to produce graduates who are equipped with both expertise and comprehensive competencies in logistics and supply chain management enabling them to address pressing issues in all kinds of organizations, whether service or manufacturing, profit or not-for-profit, domestic or global, large corporate enterprises or entrepreneurial ventures. Studies in logistics and Supply Chain Management provide a setting for students to get acquainted with logistics, supply chain management, business-to-business, and operations management related topics. The program is designed for students interested in the challenges and opportunities of designing, operating, and improving effective and efficient supply networks, as well as those who want to pursue a career in a variety of related corporate structures, from small-to-medium size enterprises to large multinational firms.

DEREE students can complete a dual degree, that is, a DEREE US degree together with an Open University validated award (a UK degree), in just four years.

The program also includes an optional component, which is a credit-baring internship placement in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

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BSc (Hons) Shipping Management

The BSc (Hons) in Shipping Management is intended for students interested in gaining comprehensive insight into shipping management and the shipping industry, where Greece excels. The program offers students a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of the shipping sector. At the same time, it provides students with a set of skills and tools that will enable them to adapt quickly and to thrive in any environment. Given the highly competitive and complex nature of the shipping industry, it is essential for prospective maritime professionals to have the necessary knowledge and expertise that will distinguish them from others working in the industry. In this context, the program in Shipping Management combines academic knowledge with market practices, preparing students for a prominent career in this challenging industry.  Students also benefit from DEREE’s historically strong ties to the shipping industry.

DEREE students can complete a dual degree, that is, a DEREE US degree together with an Open University validated award (a UK degree), in just four years.

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BSc (Hons) in Sports Management

The exceptional sport facilities at the DEREE campus in Agia Paraskevi make it an ideal environment to study sports management. The program prepares students for managerial careers in a variety of commercial and non-commercial organizations in both the sports and sports-related sector at a local, national and international level.

The Sports Management program aims at promoting a broad, analytical and highly integrated study of business with a specialization in the field of sports management. Sports Management specific modules are focused on: the provision of in-depth knowledge of the historical evolution of sport and the nature and structure of the contemporary sports industry; the acquisition of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the economic, socio-cultural, legal and political environments within which sports organizations operate; the provision of specialized knowledge of key managerial functions and processes in sports organizations; and, the development of students’ personal competencies necessary to lead corporate initiatives, and enhancement of lifelong learning skills and personal development to contribute to society at large.

DEREE students can complete a dual degree, that is, a DEREE US degree together with an Open University validated award (a UK degree), in just four years.

The program also includes a credit-baring internship placement in the field of sports, as a compulsory component of the program.

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Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Educational Psychology

The MA in Applied Educational Psychology is a degree program for educators, psychologists and other professionals in education, who are seeking to work with school-age children, adolescents, families, and educators in order to support the school systems as well as the learning and educational processes. The program emphasizes the development of specialized skills and knowledge that maximize the effectiveness of the learning process and prepare candidates to conduct assessment, prevention, and interventions for students’ psychological and learning difficulties. The program seeks to equip candidates from a variety of backgrounds with specialist knowledge and skills required to provide children with meaningful and respectful educational and therapeutic experiences and to serve as positive agents of change in challenging environments. This is achieved through the offering of an integrated curriculum of academic theory, skills development and practical experiences in the form of a supervised practicum at appropriate professional settings.

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