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New ACG Identity System

Over the past year, led by the Office of Integrated Marketing and Communication and assisted by one of Europe’s leading design firms (Beetroot), we have engaged in a process redesigning the ACG Identity System.

The overall goal of the new System is to address long-standing and clearly documented issues related to ACG’s identity, especially the relationship between ACG and its three educational divisions – PIERCE, DEREE and ALBA.

This fall, the process included input from 326 individuals, including students as well as faculty, staff, alumni, and external community members.

As part of celebrating ACG’s 140 Years, we will launch the new System in January 2016 with both public announcements and internal guidelines for use of the System’s various design elements. We are confident that the new System will contribute positively to improving ACG’s public communication and position, further enhancing the College’s current momentum.

David G. Horner, PhD
The American College of Greece