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March @ Deree

One of the busiest months of the year, March is chock-full of happenings spanning the arts and the business world, with a series of events to further celebrate 140 years of our educational legacy.

Arts Festival & Overseas Exhibition

This year’s Arts Festival features events and workshops encompassing the entire spectrum of the arts. Kick-starting the festival is the Overseas art exhibition curated by archivist Galini Notti in collaboration with the Art History, Visual Arts, and Graphic Design programs. The running theme of the exhibition taps into the College’s roots in Smyrna, and to its relocation at the beginning of the 20th century, along with hundreds of thousands of refugees. The theme also draws a parallel to the modern refugee crisis in the EU.

Venizelos Chair Lecture

Following in the same theme, this year’s annual Venizelos Chair lecture focuses on how the Smyrna destruction deeply scarred the history of Greece and Asia Minor. This year’s visiting lecturer is Professor Lou Ureneck, Director of the Master’s concentration in Business and Economics Journalism at Boston University. Professor Ureneck has served as editor-in-residence and Nieman fellow at Harvard University. His award winning book Backcast narrates the captivating story of a Methodist Minister and an American naval officer who helped refugees escape the destruction of Smyrna.

Business Week

Business Week, an annual forum organized by the Academic Societies of the School of Business at Deree, bridges the divide between the academic and professional landscape by presenting industry experts to share their experience and skills with students.

This year’s forum tackles the “brain drain” phenomenon, an issue that only intensifies as the economic crisis deepens, resulting in the loss of the country’s most valuable resources: our youth. Business Week 2016 will bring together academics and professionals to discuss how we can change the exhausting “brain drain” to a creative “brain gain,” offer opportunities to young professionals, and provide them with the reasons to stay, work, and venture in Greece!