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Library Support for Remote Teaching and Learning During COVID-19 Crisis

Fall 2020 Reopening

Due to health and safety considerations the library has made several changes for the fall semester. Below are details of what will be different. If you have questions please ask us!


Safety First!

All users are required to wear a mask while in the library and maintain a minimum of 1.5 meter distance from each other including inside the café. Before entering the library you should sanitize your hands using the antiseptic gel provided at the entrance.

Library Spaces

What hours will the library be open this fall?

  • Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: Closed

How will the library look different?

Due to social distancing requirements, we have made the following changes:

  • Seating has been reduced and furniture has been removed on all levels
  • Shelves are closed off and access for browsing will not be possible
  • All current periodicals and newspapers have been removed

Will the Library Café be open?

The Library Café will be open with limited seating. Use of the vending machines will be allowed but no eating or drinking is allowed for health and safety reasons and due to the required use of a face mask in all areas in the library.

Can I use the library computers?

Yes you can but you must use the disinfecting wipes provided to clean the keyboard and mouse before each use.

Can I use a group study room?

Not for group work. Group study rooms are only be available for use by one person at a time. In addition, priority is given to faculty who need to teach courses online. For this reason we have removed the group study rooms from the online booking system. If you need to book a group study room please contact us.

Can I use an individual study room?

Yes you can. To book an individual study room you can use the online booking system .


Library Material

Can I borrow a print book?

Yes, you can but only by request. For safety reasons, all book stacks will be closed off and access for browsing will not be possible. You may request books through Discovery  and library staff will collect them from the shelves for you. You will then be notified when the books are available for pick up. All books returned to the library will be placed under a 72-hour quarantine to minimize possible spread of the virus. For this reason, delivery of material may be delayed. Please keep this in mind as you plan for your courses this semester.

Can I borrow a DVD?

Yes, you can but only by request just like with books. Please note that AV material returned to the library will be placed under a 5-day quarantine to minimize possible spread of the virus.

Will I be able to borrow headphones?

For safety reasons headphones and chargers will not be available during the fall semester. You are strongly advised to use your own personal headphones and not share them with others.

Will the library have items on Reserve?

The current situation is affecting how we will be offering Course Reserves in the fall semester. For safety reasons all material returned to the library will be placed under a 72-hour quarantine including material placed Reserve. This will significantly affect availability of items. We have also eliminated the 2-hr use in-library option. We ask that instructors consider the following alternatives to traditional print reserves:

  • Request that we purchase the ebook. If an electronic version of a book is available the library will acquire it and offer that instead of the print version.
  • Locate Open Access alternatives. We can assist faculty to locate Open Access versions of books or articles.
  • Locate alternative resources through our current electronic collections. We can work with faculty to assist in locating alternative electronic resources.
  • Request up to 2 chapters of a print book to be scanned and uploaded on Blackboard. Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to scan more than 2 chapters of a single book.


Library Services

Will you offer individual consultations?

Yes we will, however, we will only offer virtual consultations through MS Teams. To request an individual consultation contact us by email at [email protected], or by phone at ext. 1267 or 1434.

Will the library offer workshops?

Yes we will, but only virtual workshops.

  • Students: Check the full schedule for an upcoming workshop and register online in advance.
  • Faculty: To request an online workshop contact us by email at [email protected].

Will you offer document delivery?

Yes. Document delivery services will run as usual. However, please note that your request may take longer than usual to deliver as many libraries around the world are still working with limited staff.

Will I be able to print?

Yes, you will but there will be some changes. More details on printing will be available in the coming days.