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In praise of ACG: NECHE report commends The American College of Greece for its accomplishments


ACG is proud to announce that NECHE, the New England Commission of Higher Education, and one of seven regional higher education accrediting bodies in the United States, accepted the interim (fifth-year) report submitted by ACG for having addressed the following standards:

The Commission commends The American College of Greece (ACG) for its many accomplishments, namely:

Its success in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increase in enrollment during the last five years, by 13% and 20% respectively at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

ACG’s ability to achieve positive operating results and maintain “sustainable” endowment draws during a time of “economic crisis” in Greece.

The successful integration of Alba Graduate Business School in the American College of Greece and for achieving eligibility status with AACSB.

Addition of new undergraduate and master’s degree programs as well as a significant increase in professional education.

Continued success of ACG’s scholarship program for refugees, “Education Unites: From Camp to Campus,” which has brought increased diversity to the College’s student body and is always welcomed by the institution.

ACG’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has been “formally established” through the development of new policies. The Commission also commended ACG for its detailed and well-documented reflective essay. NECHE notes with favor that 91.3% of the graduates of the Class of 2019 are either employed, continuing their education, or serving in the military or a voluntary service program.

At the graduate level, 80% of the 2019 graduates of the School of Graduate and Professional Education report being employed and so do 99% of graduates of Alba Graduate Business School. With respect to ACG’s strategic plan, which aims to “leverage education for Greek social and economic impact” and includes four major goals each of which has several associated strategies, NECHE welcomes an update on the institution’s continued success in implementing its strategic plan through the Spring 2026 comprehensive evaluation.

The Commission expressed appreciation for the report submitted by ACG and for the College’s cooperation and effort to provide public assurance of the quality of higher education.