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Hip Hop International 2014: Success hit the floor of the DEREE Gym!

This year's Hip Hop Festival couldn't have broken the tradition of the previous years' events: It was a success too! On Saturday, April 5, the most ambitious dancing crews and a cheering, enthusiastic audience met in the DEREE Gym for one of the most anticipated dancing contests of the year. More than 1500 people joined the event to watch awesome don't-try-this-at-home moves: breaking and locking, sliding and popping… Hip hop vibes filled the atmosphere of the gym and the contest began!

Teams from all over Greece participated in four categories. The little, shiny stars from Larissa, Real Crew Junior won the first place in the category for dancers aged 7-12 years old and The Shawteez and Civil Lies, both from Thessaloniki came first in the teenagers' and Mega Crew category respectively. The adult category also honored Thessaloniki, as the best crews of the city competed for the first place, finally won by the Drama Queens. The crew won amazing gifts and the much wanted ticket to Las Vegas, for the Finals of Hip Hop International!

The rest of the contestants and the audience won an unforgettable experience!

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