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Heritage Greece 2014

"Climbing up those marble steps and seeing the majestic Parthenon, never gets old. Sometimes there's nothing you can do but stand there and admire the amazing structure in front of you."

These are the words of Paula Tews, a Greek-American student who landed in Athens on June 14 to participate in Heritage Greece, an educational and cultural program developed by the National Hellenic Society of the United States and hosted by The American College of Greece. Every year, the program offers select Greek-American students the unique opportunity to connect with their Greek heritage and identity.

45 students from 40 US universities arrived in Athens a few days ago to explore their Greek roots during a 2-week unforgettable cultural journey. The experience includes courses in Modern Greek, visits to archaeological sites, a 2-day sailing trip to the Greek islands of Aegina and Poros, and more activities that introduce the US participants to the traditions and the beauty of the land of their ancestors.

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