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Final Exams Guidelines

Final Exams for Spring Semester are now scheduled for May 4-12.
To see the updated schedule click here.

Most final exams will be delivered via an online testing/proctoring platform called Proctorio. You will need a computer with a camera to take your exam, and the use of the web browser Chrome, which is free and easy to download. You are not allowed to use headphones during the exam. Please note that the camera and microphone record and report all movements and sounds, and your computer is locked automatically, so you cannot browse the Internet during the exam.
Proctorio will not search your computer. It will not kick you out of the exam unless you leave the room or another person comes in and helps you with the exam. Those of you who are taking qualitative tests and are required to write on separate pieces of paper or use calculators will get specific instructions from your instructors on how this will be carried out.

Your instructor will get a report about your behavior during the exam from Proctorio. Please note that millions of students around the world use this technology very successfully. Just relax and do what you would normally do in a test situation.

A guide for Proctorio use is attached. If you foresee any specific difficulties, please contact your instructor ahead of time.

Some students have expressed a strong desire not to take their exams through Proctorio, while others want a Pass/Fail option. Please note that the Open University does not allow Pass/Fail grades. If you feel strongly about not using Proctorio, please inform your instructor that you will not be taking the exam. You will then be allowed to take a face-to-face exam during the first Resit opportunity. However, the grade for such assessments will be capped at 40 or C.

Students with demonstrated learning difficulties will be allocated extra time to finish their exams. Students in certain courses requiring a physical presence on campus to take the exam, such as courses using the Simulated Trading Room and a few others, will be assigned an Incomplete grade and will be given the opportunity to take their assessments later in the summer. More details will be forthcoming from your instructor.

For those who missed a midterm, we plan to give those during the week after Orthodox Easter─in most cases using Proctorio. This period (April 27 to April 30) could also be used for make-up classes, one-on-one work with your instructor, and finishing up final projects.
Your instructor will be in touch with you with details about the midterm exam. To see the updated midterm exam schedule, please visit here.

For those graduating this year, the deadline for applying for graduation has been extended to May 28.

Summer classes will be delivered through Blackboard Collaborate, in synchronous instruction mode, until the Greek government lifts restrictions on face-to-face instruction.