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Entrepreneurship Conference: Innovation Lessons from the Best

The founder of COCO-MAT Paul Efmorfidis, the co-founder of and advisor for Taxibeat Apostolos Apostolakis, and many more distinguished entrepreneurs will visit the campus on Wednesday, November 5. The renowned businessmen will be sharing their invaluable experience with ACG students in an engaging Entrepreneurship Conference entitled “Turning a sea of opportunities into opportunities you see.”

The conference, organized by the Department of Management and the Management Society, aims to connect students with entrepreneurs who have managed to build on innovative ideas and create products and services that really make a difference in the market and in society.

The speakers

How can sustainability drive innovation? How can business benefit from nature and vice versa? Paul Efmorfidis, the founder of COCO-MAT, knows the answers. He managed to discover the beneficial properties of natural materials and combine sustainability, respect for the environment and business innovation in one of the most successful enterprises in the world: COCO-MAT. His ideas though are inexhaustible; he has expanded his business activities in the hospitality and tourism industry, serving as a role model for aspiring students who believe that simple ideas found in nature are all it takes to conquer the world.

Apostolos Apostolakis is not discouraged by the financial crisis. Right in the middle of the dark times for Greek economy, he managed to dig out the opportunities, he dared to venture, and he succeeded. Being involved in the development of many successful digital applications and online platforms, such as,, and Taxibeat, he holds the knowledge of all the challenges and obstacles involved in turning an opportunity into an innovative business.

Christos Stergiou is the most appropriate person to talk about “a sea of opportunities” since his entrepreneurial activities highlight our country’s amazing natural resources. During the conference he will share his professional journey from conceiving the idea of an online Greek-traveling platform to realizing his goals.

Each and every one of the attendants of the entrepreneurship conference would want to walk in his shoes; the owner of NAK Shoes and Accessories, Ayis Georgoudas, has managed to develop a family business into an entrepreneurial entity that is continuously adapting to the contemporary consumer needs.

George Vytogiannis is yet another example of a businessman who employed entrepreneurship skills to expand the horizons of the family business. Through exporting fine Greek products, such as olive oil, wine, cheeses and beverages, the company realizes the vision of discovering the future without forgetting its Greek roots.

John Nicolaidis, a DEREE alumnus with vast experience in the field of technology management and mobile marketing, is the founder of various mobile tech startups that open up a new world of opportunities both for brands and for developers. He will share his views on arising technology trends, offering an inside perspective of the brave new world of technology.