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ELF7 – The Established International Linguistics Conference at DEREE

3 days; 200 delegates from 35 countries; 200 sessions; meetings, colloquia, and workshops: The global linguistics community and ELF experts arrived today at the American College of Greece for the launch of the ELF7 International Conference.

DEREE is honored to host the renowned conference that explores various aspects of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), targeting English language educators who work with English language users from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds in a wide variety of settings.

This year’s conference, under the theme “"ELF: Pedagogical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, explores the interfaces of ELF with sociolinguistics, multilingualism, language education, contact languages, assessment, translation/interpreting and writing, and ELF learners. Henry Widdowson, an authority in the field of applied linguistics and English language learning and teaching, delivered the opening presentation discussing the value of ELF from a communicative perspective in terms of the pragmatics of language variation.

The three-day conference aims to advance the knowledge and trigger further discussion on English as a Lingua Franca, right in the place where dialogue was born: Athens, Greece. Following the highly successful first six conferences in the series, we hope this year’s conference will be a valuable experience of equal success.

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