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E-Scooter Extravaganza at Deree Leaves Campus Buzzing

On a vibrant Monday on January 29 at the Aghia Paraskevi campus, Deree students, faculty, and staff were treated to an exhilarating e-scooter event, co-organized by the ACG Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping & Transportation (CoELST) and ENIRISST PLUS.

In a collaborative effort supported by Hopp e-scooters and BEE Mobile e-scooters, the campus witnessed the unfoldment of an initiative aimed at revolutionizing transportation within the expansive grounds. Attendees had the chance to ditch the traditional walk and hop onto free e-scooter rides, weaving through the campus pathways with a newfound thrill.

The event follows the success of a similar initiative at the National Research Centre for Physical Sciences, “Demokritos,” and it marks the continuation of a broader project involving Deree, ENIRISST PLUS, the University of the Aegean, and Bee Scooters. The goal? To gather valuable data on e-scooter usage, understand user needs, and promote a sustainable shift from private cars on the 260,000 sq.m. campus.

Dr. Amalia Polydoropoulou and Mrs. Panagiota Mavrogenidou from the University of the Aegean, alongside Dr. Georgios Kokosalakis, Assistant Professor at Deree and Executive Director of the ACG CoELST, presented the project to an engaged audience. With a fleet of ten electric scooters provided by Bee Scooters, the pilot program kicked off in February, offering participants an opportunity to register, ride, and provide feedback through a brief questionnaire.

As the scooters zipped around the campus, the initiative aimed not only to provide a fun alternative to traditional commuting but also to pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation within academic settings. The success of this event is a promising indicator of a potential shift in travel habits toward a greener future at ACG.