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DEREE Provost Thimios Zaharopoulos Announces New Study Areas

In an article entitled “DEREE educational preparation for a new and rapidly changing world,” which appeared in the November-December issue of Business Partners – the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce’s publication – Dr Zaharopoulos describes new programs to be offered at DEREE to ensure that students continue to thrive in an ever-changing world where “globalization and digital technology have brought about change at a breathtaking speed.”

Today, “DEREE- The American College of Greece provides such an education,” Dr Zaharopoulos says, adding, that to boot “it provides opportunities for engagement in extra curricular activities, which also help students learn to work collaboratively and attain leadership and organizational skills,” while DEREE is always looking for new disciplines to adapt to the changing needs of society.

As such, Dr Zaharopoulos writes, DEREE over the next year will be introducing new programs, such as Healthcare Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Graphic Design, Dance, and “more robust programs in Shipping Management and Finance, many of which will have an internship component in Greece or abroad. New programs to be offered at the graduate level will include Information Technology, TESOL, and Public Policy.”

DEREE recently introduced two new fields of study: Sports Management and Management Information Systems.

Dr Zaharopoulos added that DEREE is embarking on a formulation of a new, robust general education program that will form the foundation for any specific field of study.

“These are examples of a flexible, integrative, student-friendly and outcomes-based educational system responding to societal needs that this nation must demand from all its institutions, public and private,” he concluded.

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