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Deree and KPMG Collaborate to Uncover Insights on People Analytics in Greek Organizations

In a collaborative effort, Deree and KPMG conducted an extensive research study on the utilization of people analytics among organizations operating in Greece. This groundbreaking study delved into the practice of collecting and processing data about people and businesses in order to drive organizational success. The research, based on a sample of 107 organizations spanning various sectors, sheds light on the adoption, application, and impact of people analytics in the Greek business landscape.

Along with the KPMG team, Deree Professors Konstantinos Tasoulis, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management (HRM), and Olivia Kyriakidou, Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology as well as Deree Graduate student Panagiota Soukouli conducted the research and co-authored the People Analytics report, with the generous support of the Research, Technology and Innovation Network and ACG 150.