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Deree Griffins Conquer at Belgrade Sport Tournament

The Deree Griffins had a remarkably successful participation in the “Best 2023 – 15th Belgrade Sport Tournament,” held on May 10-14. We had a large number of participants, 76 in total, 67 of whom were student-athletes and 9 coaches and administrators.

Our athletes took part in 23 exciting games and returned back to Deree with many awards under their belt:

  • Women’s tennis: 1st place
  • Men’s soccer: 2nd place
  • Women’s volleyball: 2nd place
  • Men’s basketball: 2nd place
  • Cheerleading competition: 2nd place
  • Women’s basketball: 3rd place

Congratulations to our student-athletes who demonstrated ethos and effort, giving their best every day! Your victory is a testament to your dedication, discipline and athletic ability!

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