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Deree & Greek National Homeless Soccer Teams Kick Out Poverty

On a warm autumn afternoon, the Deree Men’s soccer team played with the internationally acclaimed Greek National Homeless Soccer Team, sponsored by Shedia, the Greek street paper.

The event was organized by the Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES) at the Office of Public Affairs, and the Office of Athletics, in collaboration with the Ethelon volunteer platform and Shedia.

The match took place on Thursday, September 29 on the Deree soccer field, with students, faculty, staff, friends, and family cheering the teams on with every goal. The ACG community reinforced its support of Shedia by buying the magazine’s latest issue as the teams played on.

Vice President of Public Affairs, Claudia Carydis, greeted the teams and the crowd of students, faculty, staff, and ACG President David G. Horner, and added “We are proud to organize and host events that promote social contribution and awareness of people as part of the ACG CARES program. We are also proud of the members of the College community who regularly participate in volunteer activities and contribute in various ways by supporting a large number of NGOs, the local authorities, and other third parties.”

In line with ACG’s mission to “contribute to the advancement of Greece and the global community through teaching, scholarship, outreach, and service,” and to further offer its students the opportunity to engage with their wider community, this friendly match is the hopeful start of a new collaboration. Another game is already being planned, this time with the Deree Women’s Soccer team and the Shedia Women’s team.

Stay tuned!